Nerd Alert News - Interview

CW’s “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” welcomes actress Veronika London to the popular series to play Tiffaney Harper. The talented Toronto actress will also soon be seen in the film “The Next Chapter.” To add to her acting career, she has also hosted Toro TV’s “Damage Control” and has been featured internationally in magazines such as MAXIM UK/USA/CANADA, FLARE, UMM and recently in Inside Fitness Magazine making the top 100 list! Get to know Veronika

Colleen Bement: “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” is such a popular show and you have joined the cast as the bright and bubbly Tiffaney Harper. Tell our readers about your character. As a fan of DC Comics, London grew up watching all movies. Now she has the chance to be a part of the DC Universe.
Veronika London: would describe Tiffaney as a queen bee type, popular, nice and likable. My character’s life gets altered during time travel. There is a younger version of me as well as a present adult version of me which gives viewers a better understanding of Tiffaney.

CB: What has life on the set been like?
VL: The cast and crew are unbelievable. When you work long hours it’s nice to become friends with your co-workers as you are working sometimes up to 16 hour days.

CB: Are you a superhero fan?
VL: Yes, I am a huge fan of DC Comics and Marvel. I grew up watching all movies that included superheroes and villains.


CB: Your role in the upcoming film “The Next Chapter” sounds fun. Was it a challenge to play a manager of a biker bar? Is your character badass?
VL: My character is a total badass. I love playing powerful women. My natural essence resonates with these types of characters as I feel during my everyday life my natural traits are to be more dominating and in charge.





CB: Congratulations on your cover of the Top 100 Hot and Fit in the current issue of Inside Fitness. I can always use a fitness tip–what encourages you to work so hard?

VL: Thank you, I work out to have more clarity and energy. Looking fit has been a nice byproduct. I find the most important thing is to choose a lifestyle that aligns with the type of goals you want to achieve. At the moment I am vegetarian and only lift weights three times a week. About a year ago I was doing Keto and only cardio. At the end of the day, everyone’s body is different and it is a matter of understanding what works well with one to make it a sustainable and enjoyable way of living. I do value vitality very much.

CB: I hear that you split your time between Vancouver and Los Angeles. What new adventures are you looking forward to?

VL: I am looking into collaborating with my friend Sarah Jessica Taylor on some fitness projects. The projects are in preliminary stages but will keep everyone updated.